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Chase Pistone Inc provides everything you need to win legend racing events and be competitive today on any rack track US! With multiple championships and victories in many forms of lracing under his belt Chase can provide your driver that extra edge behind the wheel as a driver coach.

CPI offers full Legend car, late models, and late model stock truck lease programs. We provide everything from the car, crew, equipment and top of the line track transportation in our Renegade Hauler so when you show up to the track everything looks professional. The lease program takes the added stress of maintaining your racecar and hiring personal to turn the wrenches off of you so you can concentrate on driving.

Since 1999 Chase has been racing out of his state of the art racing facilities located in the racing capital of the world Mooresville, NC. Being located just minutes away from everything needed to make his racing business successful is a huge plus for your driver.

Here at CPI we take our setup work serious and use a professionally built surface plate to make sure your setup is accurate to the 1/64th of a inch. Using our surface plate gives us a edge when it comes to being 100% accurate in providing you a race winning racecar.

CPI also offers complete repair and maintenance programs in the Legends race cars and Late Model stock series. Everything from hanging a new body on a late model to Legend car clip replacement on our professionally built in house chassis jig. We offer everything when it comes to repairing and getting your racecar back to the track.

We also offer custom built late model stock cars and legend cars. Everything from ground up will be assembled by CPI. Chase takes a lot of pride in his custom built cars and makes sure that each one comes out looking top notch.

Chase Pistone Inc offers the most precise camber cut tires in the industry. We spend time, money and effort into developing our tire cutting process to make sure that our customers have the best set possible. Your legend car setup is never complete without the most accurate cut tires in the business.

Feel free to contact CPI today for your needs from driver coaching, racecar maintenance, lease programs, or cut tires!

Legends race cars set to race on any race track in the US.